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2014 & Older

Winning the Battle
Eddie & Jackie Santoro 2/26/17
Show Some Respect
David Scott 2/19/17
Whose Fault Is It?
David Scott 2/12/17
Have You Read the Owner's Manual?
Linda Scott 2/5/17
David Scott 1/29/17
What's Wrong With Your Relationships?
David Scott 1/22/17
Why Do You Need His Presence
David Scott 1/15/17
What God Wants His People to Do in 2017
David Scott 1/8/17
How To Go Through Suffering/Loss
Darlene Westinghouse 1/1/17

Christmas - The Beginning of Suffering For Jesus
David Scott 12/23/16

Why Are You Not Reaping More?
David Scott 12/18/16
5 Things
Keith Olsen 12/11/16
Resurrection Hope
Darlene Westinghouse 12/4/16
Who Is God?: Class 3
Ben Smith 12/2/16
What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You
David Scott 11/27/16

Growing - It doesn't Just Happen!
David Scott 11/20/16

Who Is God?: Class 2
Ben Smith 11/18/16

Do You Need To See an Ophthalmologist
David Scott 11/13/16

Who Is God?: Class 1
Ben Smith 11/11/16

Where Are You At?
Frank Carle 11/6/16

Why the Discouragement?
David Scott 10/30/16

Why is God so Important, or is He?
David Scott 10/23/16

Are you Free or Foolish
David Scott 10/16/16

Wanted...Dead or Alive
David Scott 10/9/16

Spiritual Gifts
Thomas Scott 10/2/16

David Scott 9/25/16

Miracle Grow Fertilizer
David Scott 9/18/16

Heather Slagsvol 9/11/16

The Important Part
David Scott 8/28/16

How to not end up in the Lost & Found
David Scott 8/21/16

What are you holding onto?
David Scott 8/14/16

Opportunity Costs
Keith Olsen 8/7/16

David's Secret than can change your life
David Scott 7/31/16

Who is Eleanor Rigby and who cares?
David Scott 7/24/16

What are you missing?
David Scott 7/17/16

The Heart of God (Part Two)
Ben Smith 7/10/16
The Heart of God (Part One)
Ben Smith 7/3/16
Why Worship is CRUCIAL to your life
David Scott 6/26/16
Healed or Made New?
David Scott 6/19/16
Is Following Jesus Worth It?
David Scott 6/12/16
David & Goliath
Linda Scott 6/5/16
How God speaks to us
David Scott 5/29/16

Do you have God's number?
David Scott 5/22/16
Is God speaking to you?
David Scott 5/15/16
People of Praise!
Cory Patterson 5/8/16
Wisdom Part 2: How NOT to have wisdom
David Scott 5/1/16
Wisdom Part 1: Was Solomon the last wise man?
David Scott 4/25/16
Part 2: 5 Ways to Have Real Joy
David Scott 4/17/16

Striving to be happy? 5 Ways to Have Real Joy
David Scott 4/10/16
Witnessing from who He is!
Darlene Westinghouse 4/3/16

He Is Risen...Really?
David Scott 3/27/16

How to decide what to do with your life.

David Scott 3/20/16

Money: Who Needs It Anyway?
David Scott 3/13/16

Does God Exist? Session Eight
Ben Smith 3/11/16

Why We Need Each Other
David Scott 3/6/16

5 steps to take when a PROBLEM occurs
David Scott 2/28/16

You are an ambassador, whether you
know it or not!

David Scott 2/21/16

Does God Exist? Session Seven
Ben Smith 2/19/16

Get Ready, You're Next!
David Scott 2/14/16

Thomas Scott/Frank Carle 2/7/16

Does God Exist? Session Six
Ben Smith 2/5/16

"Holy Spirit, You Are Welcome Here"...Why?
David Scott 1/31/16

Why Do I Need to Worship?
Linda Scott 1/24/16

Does God Exist? Session Five
Ben Smith 1/22/16

Quickweeds, Dandelions, and Beaver Dams
David Scott 1/17/16
Stumbling Blocks
David Scott 1/10/16
Does God Exist? Session Four
Ben Smith 1/8/16
Getting Ready for the New Year
Darlene Westinghouse 1/3/16
Time to Get Going
David Scott 12/27/15

God's Plan from Jesus to You
David Scott 12/20/15

How to Handle Negative Circumstances
David Scott 12/13/15
Are You Getting a Gift this Christmas?
David Scott 12/6/15
Does God Exist? Session Three
Ben Smith 12/4/15

How to Tell if a Religion is False
David Scott 11/29/15

Steps You Need to Start Enjoying Life!
David Scott 11/22/15

Does God Exist? Session Two
Ben Smith 11/20/15

Time to Grow Up? (Part Two)
David Scott 11/15/15

Time to Grow Up? (Part One)
David Scott 11/8/15

Does God Exist? Session One
Ben Smith 11/6/15
Religion or Relationship?
David Scott 11/1/15

Your Heart: Why Fulfillment Seems Distant
David Scott 10/25/15

Anxiety and How to Defeat it! (Part Two)
David Scott 10/18/15

Anxiety and How to Defeat it!
David Scott 10/11/15
Discovering His Presence
Frank Carle 10/4/15
Succeeding in Relationships (Part Two)
David Scott 9/27/15
Succeeding in Relationships
David Scott 9/20/15
Are You Blind? (Part Two)
David Scott 9/13/15

Are You Blind? (Part One)
David Scott 9/6/15

Why does the miraculous seem so far away?
David Scott 8/23/15

Need a Miracle?
David Scott 8/16/15

Lukewarm is soooo comfortable
David Scott 8/9/15

Mixture: Good or Bad?
David Scott 8/2/15

Four Important Words for Life
Keith Olsen 7/26/15
Love Is Tolerant??
David Scott 7/19/15

Giving: A Sacrifice or an Investment?
Mark Westinghouse & David Scott 7/12/15

Pride: Why We Don't Believe
David Scott 7/5/15

Wisdom & The Word of God
Thomas Scott 6/28/15

Why Wisdom?
David Scott 6/21/15
Part Two: Why The Pain?
David Scott 6/14/15

Part One: Why The Pain?
David Scott 6/7/15
Default Positioning
Cory Patterson 5/31/15
The Wedding Feast
Darlene Westinghouse 5/24/15

Hope. Change. How?
David Scott  5/17/15

Jesus Saves? I didn't know I was drowning!
David Scott  5/10/15

Kenya: The Place Joy Is Found
J.J. Tiernan  5/3/15
Come to Kenya!
Hope for Kenya

David Scott 4/26/15
David Scott 4/19/15

Finding Your Purpose
("Furry Warts Grow Under Her Feet")

Cory Patterson 4/12/15
Easter: Did He Really Rise From The Dead?
David Scott 4/5/15
God's Sense of Humor
David Scott 3/22/15

Are you accepted by Him?
David Scott 3/15/15

What is God's plan for all of my problems?
David Scott 3/8/15

4 Phases of Life - Are You Ready for the Next One?
David Scott 3/1/15

We Are Growing Up in Him
David Scott 2/22/15

Why the Living Soul Matters
David Scott 2/15/15

Mark Westinghouse 2/8/15

Hearing God Part 3: "How to Hear from God"
David Scott 2/1/15

Hearing God Part 2: "What is your weapon?"
David Scott 1/25/15

Hearing God Part 1:
"Do you have trouble hearing from God?"

David Scott 1/18/15

"The Veil is Torn!"
Linda Scott 1/11/15

"What is God healing you from?"
David Scott 1/4/15
"How to Predict Your Future for 2015"
David Scott 12/28/14

"Are YOU ready to be a Christmas present?"
David Scott 12/21/14

"Taking the next step with God"
Thomas Scott 12/14/14
"What's Happening?!?!"
David Scott 12/7/14

"Relationships: What Went Wrong?"
David Scott 11/30/14

"Thanksgiving: What's Stopping You
From Being Thankful"

David Scott 11/23/14

"Religion or Relationship - Part 3: How to know 'All The Answers'"
David Scott 11/16/14
"Love & Respect:
God's Blueprint for your 'Happily Ever After'"

Brian & Suzanne Timbrouck, 3 to 1 Ministries 11/9/14
"Religion or Relationship - Part 2: What are you missing?"
David Scott 11/2/14
"Religion or Relationship - Part 1"
David Scott 10/26/14

Keith Olsen & Mark Westinghouse 10/19/14

"Finding Joy"
Thomas Scott 10/12/14

"Do you know where you're going and how to get there?"
David Scott 10/5/14

"Pray Without Ceasing"
David Scott 9/28/14

"What Are You Doing Here?"
David Scott 9/21/14
Every Day "Troubles"
David Scott 9/14/14

"Do You Look Through Windows?"
David Scott 9/7/14
Guest Speaker: Dan Slade 8/31/14
"Renewing Your Mind"
Darlene Westinghouse 8/24/14

"God's Chisel"

"What's Hindering My Faith?"
David Scott 8/10/14

"You've been set free, you've received the truth. Why haven't things changed?"
David Scott 8/3/14

"Well, I messed up, now what?"
David Scott 7/27/14

In trouble and unaware of the secret that you need!
David Scott 7/20/14
Are you married to Jesus or just living with Him?
David Scott 7/13/14
Do You Really Need God? How Much?
David Scott 7/6/14
Mark Westinghouse 6/29/14

The Important Things We've Forgotten
David Scott 6/22/14
Father's Day: How to be a good Dad
David Scott 6/15/14
Love - 15 Weeks to Love Challenge
J.J. Tiernan 6/8/14
I Wish Someone Had Told Me...
David Scott 6/1/14

Salvation: Something Better
Thomas Scott 5/25/14

Helmet of Salvation
David Scott 5/18/14

MOMS: The Amazing Decision
David Scott 5/11/14
Warfare: Armor (Part 2)
David Scott 5/4/14

Warfare: Armor
David Scott 4/27/14
Part 5: Our Weaponry!What God has given us to WIN!
David Scott 4/6/14

Part 4: How to discern the REAL enemy, and How to have the POWER God calls us to have.
David Scott 3/30/14

Part 3: Spiritual Gifts: Discerning the Spirit
David Scott 3/23/14

PART 2: How To Recognize Your Real Opponent
David Scott 3/16/14

Part 1: How To Recognize Your Real Opponent
David Scott 3/9/14
'Share it Up' Sunday
4 Short Speakers 3/2/14

More Bible Myths De-Stumped
Plus David's Satirical '6 Ways to Look Godly Without Actually Growing'
David Scott 2/23/14

Untrue Bible Sayings
"I've heard Christians say, 'God won't give you more than you can handle.' Is that really what the bible says?"
David Scott 2/16/14

Hang On Until the End? Really?
'Evacuation Theology' vs 'Pr
osperity Theology' Part 2

David Scott 2/9/14

'Evacuation Theology' vs 'Prosperity Theology'
David Scott 2/2/14

Not Altered...Completely New!
David Scott 1/19/14

His Daily Bread - Can You Live Without It?
David Scott 1/12/14

How We See God's Power
David Scott 12/8/13

Darlene Westinghouse 12/1/13

Choose Life
Linda Scott 11/24/13

New Paths
David Scott 11/17/13

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