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It was recently said by Dr. Ben Carson, head of Neurosurgery at John Hopkins University Hospital, who was the guest speaker at the National Prayer Breakfast held in Washington in which President Obama attended, that God is the most fair entity in the universe, and that tithing (giving 10% of what you earn towards God) is His way that each of us should give. Folks that earn $0, pay $0. Folks that earn $50,000 would tithe $5,000.

But far more important than whether it is fair or not, is that God has promised to financially bless any and all folks who tithe. He even challenged us to test Him in it. Tithe and then begin to see that your financial condition improves. Your car gets better mileage and breaks down less often. Your electricity seems to lessen in usage even though you’re not conscientiously trying to use less. You get the point. He also begins to teach us how not to waste money which is equally important. We find costly habits begin to fade when we start listening to Him.

Tithing is seen by the foolish as an added expense. It is seen by the wise a way to “get ahead” (be blessed).

If you would like to tithe or donate money to families in need, you can drop off a check or cash at the church,

or to Adam Slagsvol or Keith Olsen at our homes,

or you can send it in electronically through Adam's venmo account.

We will keep track of your donations for your tax purposes.
Please allocate if you are donating towards a specific purpose, or if we should just use it as your tithe wherever needed.

Thank you!
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