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35 Livingston Street
Saugerties, NY 12477
Sundays 10 am


Partners in Harvest is a family of churches, missions and ministries. It is a venue offering relationship (mutual encouragement, blessing, and accountability) and practical support (particularly for evangelism, church planting, missions leadership training, conferencing, and strategic networking.) It is a partnership of churches and ministries in which each member brings unique individual resources with them into the fellowship. It is a partnership identity point, a covering and a fellowship of shared input.

Partner pastors, ministry leaders and congregations share common foundational Kingdom beliefs, values and goals, which form and support a clear sense of purpose and identity. We are willing to link together locally, regionally, nationally and internationally to share resources, provide training and form strategy. This is based upon the understanding that each PIH member church/ministry is autonomous, yet has the freedom to choose to opt into any of these activities on a regional or international basis. In this way, PIH family members can each help in successfully attaining mutual ministry goals linked closely together in the Father’s Love.

To learn more, click here to view the Partners In Harvest website.
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