Modern Worship
Inspiring Teaching
Family Atmosphere

35 Livingston Street
Saugerties, NY 12477
Sundays 10 am


Most of us are from a family, whether it is dysfunctional, single parent only, parents of drug/alcohol addictions, abuse whether mentally, physically or sexually or dozens of other serious problems. Therefore, when one talks about the importance or benefit of family, the person listening does not really know or understand or worse, have negative feelings about family.  It is this continual deterioration of the morality of our culture that makes it increasingly harder for folks to understand what God can and WANTS to do for them.

But God intended family to be those who truly love one another, who appreciate each other, and in the end, if necessary, will sacrifice themselves for one another. They also realize just how faithful their parents are to their children out of love and patience.

We strive not to be just “a church” but a group of folks who strive to be family to each other. Realizing that true family characteristics are missing in people’s lives, we feel that God has called us to be this for each other and other unfortunate folks who desire to join.

We want to learn more about family and begin to carry out the godly characteristics of this wonderful organism that God designed from the beginning.
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