Modern Worship
Inspiring Teaching
Family Atmosphere

35 Livingston Street
Saugerties, NY 12477
Sundays 10 am


Dear Church Family,

We are meeting in person at 10am on Sundays.
Bagels and Sunday School are back!
We have plenty of space setup for you to come and worship.

If you are not comfortable coming to an in-person service, please join our livestream on Facebook, every week @ 10am. Please subscribe to the FOH YouTube channel and Facebook page and check back for more updates and videos.

 At your service, Family of Hope Leadership.

If you would like to tithe or donate money to families in need, you can drop off a check or cash at the church,

or to Adam Slagsvol or Keith Olsen at our homes,

or you can send it in electronically through Adam's venmo account.

Please call or text Adam directly @ 845-594-9618 with any questions.

We will keep track of your donations for your tax purposes.
Please allocate if you are donating towards a specific purpose, or if we should just use it as your tithe wherever needed.

Thank you!

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